Individual Abstracts

Emilia Barbiero                     How to Talk to Paper About Poetry: Materiality and Aesthetic Judgment in                                                                     a Catullan Diptych

Lorenza Bennardo                Haud sane indocti neque ignobiles: reassessing the evidence about Virgil’s early critics

Thomas Bolt                         The Sublime in Seneca and Statius: Aesthetics, Excess, and the Canon

Alex Dressler                        The Way and Its Poor: Bareness of Life from Seneca to Jerome

Basil Dufallo                         Couture’s The Romans of the Decadence and the Unmooring of Rome’s Decline

Erik Gunderson                    The aesthetic foolsgoldstandard in Petronius

Alison Keith                          First-Person Feminine Latin Poetry: Sulpicia’s Elegidia

Andrew McClellan               Virgil’s Troilus and Metapoetry

Rebecca Moorman              Tangere enim et tangi: Permeability and Penetrability in Epicurean Aesthetics

Mariapia Pietropaolo           The Poetics of Hunger in Metamorphoses 8

Elaine Sanderson                 An Unhomely Homecoming: Encounters with the Uncanny in Seneca’s Agamemnon

Kate Stevens                        gula est: Appropriating the aesthetics of illness in Martial’s Epigrams

James Uden                         Empire of Exhaustion: the Tired Subject of Latin Epic